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Colorado pumps $21 million into fast-charger expansion for electric vehicles

As EV sales slow, Colorado wants the new stations to serve as an answer to consumer ‘range anxiety’

Colorado Democrats say property tax relief is coming

But there’s no money in the state budget to pay for it

The upcoming solar eclipse is a rare event. Some Colorado schools won’t let students watch

Millions of school children across North America will have a chance to experience what could be one of the most awe-inspiring events of their lifetimes on Monday: A total solar eclipse, or a...

More solar power in the works for southern Colorado

There are plans for two different solar power farms in southern Colorado. Solar panels are being installed in Las Animas County for the Spanish Peaks Solar project. According to developer De...

Colorado keeps quiet about faulty job data as federal agency calls out the erratic numbers

The jobs data that Colorado rolled out earlier in March should be based on official information but is still just a guess, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Colorado’s labor ...

Want to recycle your own water at home? A new proposal could make that easier in Colorado

Legislation under consideration would ease the way for new homes in Colorado to adopt water-recycling systems. It would change state laws that have made the state one of the slowest in the r...

Six Glendale police officers disciplined for throwing away evidence connected to several cases

The Glendale Police Department took disciplinary action against six sworn officers for mishandling evidence, which resulted in one case being dropped last month. According to police document...

Problems with universal pre-K registration persist into second year

Policymakers remain optimistic, despite challenges

Recent storms have pushed Colorado’s snowpack above ‘normal’

A wave of late-winter storms has pushed snow accumulation in all of Colorado’s major water-storage basins above normal levels for the first time this year, data show. Statewide, snowpack – w...

How to get solar power for your Colorado home – even if your own roof won’t work

If your own roof won’t work or you live in an apartment, you can try a community option instead, experts say

Outdoor gear sales dropped in 2023, leaving mountain retailers struggling with high rents, high taxes and too-few workers

Overall sales of gear and apparel dropped 3% last year. Independent stores were hit much harder as core outdoor consumers slowed their spending

A lot of people are running for Congress right now – not all of them will make it to Colorado’s primary ballot

There are a slew of congressional candidates gunning to appear on Colorado’s ballots for the June 25 primary, the contest that will determine who makes it to the general election in November...