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Bishop acquitted in first United Methodist trial of its kind in a century

Carcaño, the first Latina bishop in the denomination, faced four charges of violating church law

AI won’t be replacing your pastor any time soon

Leaders are still the ones influencing the latest technologies within their organizations

Israel may uproot ancient Christian mosaic near Armageddon

Where it could go next sparks public outcry

Ramaswamy’s faith is front and center in his presidential bid

Positions on God, gender and social justice gain conservative followers

Pope Francis’ trip to Mongolia in September will be closely watched by Russia and China

Pope yield to China’s appointment of bishop

Quran burnings have Sweden torn between free speech and respecting minorities

An Iraqi Christian immigrant burned Islam’s holy book outside a Stockholm mosque

A nun commends Dodgers’ handling of Pride Night controversy. Some archbishops call it blasphemy

Devout baseball fans might view their teams’ performance as heavenly or hellish, depending on the quality of play. Currently, it’s the Los Angeles Dodgers’ handling of their annual Pride Ni...

At graduations, Native American students seek acceptance of tribal regalia

Vetoed bill would have allowed public school students to wear feathers, beaded caps, stoles

Auschwitz museum begins work of conserving 8,000 shoes of murdered children

OSWIECIM, Poland – In a modern conservation laboratory on the grounds of the former Auschwitz camp, a man wearing blue rubber gloves uses a scalpel to scrape away rust from the eyelets of sm...

Charles Stanley, influential Baptist preacher, dies at 90

Former pastor of Atlanta church founded In Touch Ministries

Lighthouse Baptist Church breaks ground for larger church building

First phase of building project will start this week

Papal official rejects new claims in ‘Vatican Girl’ mystery

Disappearance has been one of the Vatican’s enduring mysteries
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