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Trump will address influential evangelicals who want a national abortion ban

His opposition to signing a ban is at odds with some in movement

Airlines is back in court after firing attendant with anti-abortion views

NEW ORLEANS – Whether a flight attendant was fired for her religious beliefs or for improper conduct when she sent graphic anti-abortion material and disparaging messages to a union leader w...

An ancient manuscript gives a glimpse into early Christianity

Crosby-Schøyen Codex was discovered alongside more than 20 other codices in Egypt in 1952

What we know about the missionaries killed in Haiti

Violent gangs control 80% of the capital city

Presbyterian Church in Cortez to celebrate 75th anniversary

Church was organized in 1948, celebration is June 2

United Methodists remove anti-gay language from official teachings

Previously was ‘incompatible with Christian teaching’

Has Salman Rushdie changed after his stabbing?

Well, the author says he feels about 25

Vatican complains after French court rules in favor of nun

High-ranking Vatican official liable for dismissal

Right to children or children’s rights?

Surrogacy debate comes to a head in Rome

Victims of Catholic nuns rely on one another

Abuse of children was overshadowed by reports about male clergy The sexual abuse of children by Catholic sisters and nuns has been overshadowed by far more common reports of male clergy abus...

Aaron Zigman’s ‘Émigré’ has U.S. premiere

Oratorio is about Jews who fled Nazi Germany for Shanghai

Pope asks an aide to read a speech aloud for him

Francis further raises concerns over his health
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