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Colorado has highest pay gap for educators in the U.S.

New study says teachers statewide make about 36% less than professionals with similar education

Colorado voters to decide affordable housing funding measure in November

Initiative would not raise taxes, but it could draw from TABOR refunds

Amid housing crises vacation towns limit short-term rentals

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – In the Colorado ski town of Steamboat Springs, motels line the freeway, once filled with tourists eager to pitch down the slopes or bathe in the local hot springs. Now r...

Colorado mushroom forays, improved by monsoons, are becoming more popular

The Colorado Mycological Society, which holds fungi training classes and leads mushroom forays, has experienced a boost in membership in recent years

Gun advocacy groups sue more Colorado cities over controls

BOULDER (AP) — Two gun rights organizations filed federal court lawsuits Thursday challenging bans on semi-automatic weapons and magazine ammunition restrictions adopted by two Colorado cities after the state allowed local municipalities to enact tougher gun control measures than called for by state law.

Denver street juggling a way of life, a way to make a living

DENVER (AP) – For roommates Andrew, Cam and David, life’s a circus. Really, though. Each makes a living juggling in the streets of Denver. You may have seen one of them on your daily work co...

Colorado man shoots, kills bear after it entered his home

DENVER – A Colorado man had a rude awaking early Saturday morning when a roughly 400-pound bear flipped the lever doorknob to his home and rummaged through some dog food, Colorado Parks and ...

‘Reach up and touch the stars:’ The dark is starting to shine through Colorado’s astrotourism

Lake Fork Valley Conservancy starts ambitious project to transform park into a nocturnal classroom

Colorado to spar over discrimination case in Supreme Court

DENVER – Colorado is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold its anti-discrimination law in the face of a challenge by a Christian web designer who does not want to create custom wedding web...

Coloradans are contributing lots of money to Liz Cheney in the Republican U.S. House primary in Wyoming

A few prominent donors are also backing Cheney’s challenger, Harriet Hageman, who holds healthy lead in the polls

Colorado GOP candidates appear as united front during election season news conference

Candidates reaffirmed party’s pillar issues, including lowering cost of living and reducing crime

Democratic state senator from Colorado Springs indicted on felony charge

Prosecutors in El Paso County say Sen. Pete Lee is accused of providing false information as to his residence