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Colorado Democrats push for ban on new oil and gas drilling in the state

Sen. Jaquez Lewis says she will push for total ban by 2030 and requiring oil and gas companies to pay more for abandoned wells

How Ouray’s ice farmers nurture a frozen crop that is beautiful and climbable

The ice axes make a satisfying “thwack” every time a bundled-up climber, one tool in each hand, swings them into the frozen wall. Shattered bits fly off as the line of climbers inches up fro...

Colorado snowpack has rebounded, but it’s too early to promise a water win for rivers and reservoirs

Colorado's winter got off to a slow start, but snowpack levels have finally started to rebound to normal levels across the state. Statewide, snow accumulation across Colorado is about 98% of...

Must a gas utility pay its own customers to unhook in the name of climate change? Colorado is about to find out

Atmos Energy, which provides only natural gas, is protesting environmental group demands that it help customers switch to clean electricity

Colorado lawmakers prep legislation to limit local power over wind and solar projects

Colorado lawmakers are drafting legislation to ensure local governments can’t derail the state’s ambitious plans to transition to carbon-free energy sources like wind and solar. While Democr...

Trump eligibility case has brought new pressures and threats to Colorado’s election workers

As the U.S. Supreme prepares to consider the Colorado case that could disqualify former President Donald Trump from holding office again, the state’s elections officials are watching especia...

CSU researchers say canine respiratory illnesses have dropped since its fall peak

Researchers continue to study its origins

Colorado Democrats change House rules, making it harder to stall bill debates

Colorado House Democrats are changing legislative rules to try to tamp down on a delay tactic the minority party uses to slow down the work of the chamber. They want to ensure that when a la...

Many Colorado HOAs have rules that make homes more vulnerable to wildfires. New legislation could block those

Colorado lawmakers on Friday advanced new legislation that would make it easier to build or upgrade homes to harden them against wildfires. The legislation would void language in existing ho...

‘You shouldn’t have to pay your deductible twice’ — Lawmakers search for solutions after insurance implosion

When the health insurer Friday Health shut down its Colorado operations last summer, it left 30,000 Coloradans scrambling for new health insurance. It wasn’t just a hassle — it came with tho...

Colorado short-term rental owners may protest plan to quadruple their taxes

A survey showed that a majority would reduce their rental nights if Senate Bill 33 passes

Unaffiliated voters can cast ballots in Colorado’s Republican primaries this year, federal judge rules

State GOP requested a preliminary injunction barring unaffiliated voters from participating in the state’s June 25 primary election