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One Small Step encourages strangers to converse

The fact that we live in a divisive time is not lost on anyone. At times, it feels like the world and our country are coming apart at the seams. Throughout my career, I’ve sought opportuniti...

Relax, abortions won’t be outlawed

Although a lot of superficially informed people are yelling and screaming about the current Roe v. Wade kerfuffle, it might help to mention a few clarifying comments. First of all, abortions...

Boebert doesn’t really want job

Lauren Boebert doesn’t really want to represent me in Congress. I have contacted her multiple times through her official website and by phone, but I have not received a response and it has b...

‘Species extinct’ if men had babies

My first thought upon reading the draft opinion on abortion was to wonder just how many pregnancies Mr. Alito has brought to term? My second thought was that if men were the ones to have bab...

Our View: DeSantis the problem, not math textbooks

Censored prompts alongside equations help students think logically, reasonably

Editorial cartoon

Biden better than average

President handling thorny problems, nationally and globally

Air Tanker Base needs repairs

The 21-year-old Durango Air Tanker Base, operated by the San Juan National Forest, is in dire need of maintenance. A recent engineering study revealed the need to resurface the base ramp – t...

Don’t be fooled: Scotch egg not Scottish

If you haven’t had a Scotch egg before, it is a pub and picnic food delicacy you should try. However, don’t be fooled. A Scotch egg is actually of English origin (Yorkshire). First, no self-...

Arrogance leads to ‘groomed failure’

Lead us not into groomed failure. Corporate power is buying the best government money can buy (Citizens United). State by state, the members of the American Legislative Exchange Council prom...

Editorial cartoon

Our View: PFAS ban best choice

Getting rid of forever chemicals vital to protect humans, watersheds
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