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Editorial cartoons

Mayor, City of Cortez workers deserve praise for kindness

I wanted to publicly thank Mayor Mike Lavey and his city of Cortez team for their recent vigilance and kindness. Since I moved to Cortez in February 2019, I have observed and silently thank...

Trump incitement led to injury of law enforcement officers

I arrived in Montezuma County on Jan. 1, and five days later a mob of Trump supporters stormed the capitol of the United States; forcefully penetrated the defensive perimeter of the Capitol ...

Boebert responds to Herald editorial

The Durango Herald editorial board recently published a partisan attack piece falsely accusing me of not focusing on Colorado’s 3rd District. Nothing could be further from the truth. Th...

Driveway-watering wastes precious water

How ironic is it that along side the article about extreme critical fire danger and extreme drought in Colorado was an advertisement for a hose nozzle to use to spray water to clean one's dr...

When it comes to survival, don’t bet against this fish

I love fish – the way they look, the way they fry up, the secret lives they live under the water. And of all the fish in the sea, river or lake, I most prize those that descended from the gr...

Electric official wrong on emissions bill

This year, the Colorado legislature is considering SB 21-200, which limits greenhouse gas emissions from industries in the state. In the Colorado Country Life Magazine’s June 2021 edition, K...

Boebert’s refusal of ’earmarks’ costs her constituents

The 3rd district is the poorest and most overlooked part of Colorado. We need to utilize every source of federal funds available to improve our infrastructure and economic future. Recently, ...

Authorities, owners should take dog ordinances seriously

The recent dog attack on Montezuma Avenue isn’t surprising. Cortez allows this with little responsibility placed on those choosing to keep “vicious” dogs (as defined by Ordinance 5-1). In my...

Our View: Connection

We’re all asking, “Can you hear me now?”

Join day of prayer for law enforcement officers June 13

I invite you to join me and millions of Americans in a day of appreciation and prayer for law enforcement on June 13. With all the negativity and malice shown toward those who bravely serve...

Our View: Still waiting

Rep. Lauren Boebert has yet to show she’s got the right stuff
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