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Colorado Sens. Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper call for multilevel government and agency action on tribal access to clean water

Five U.S. Senators introduced a resolution Thursday that aims to settle water rights settlements and provide technical assistance alongside water infrastructure funding for tribal communities

Gun rights advocates have lost Colorado’s elections – but they may win the legal war

Just a decade ago, gun control debates at the state Capitol have come with high drama – long days of passionate testimony and loud protests. But this year, as the statehouse's majority Democ...

Sen. Michael Bennet pushes for re-expansion of child tax credit as poverty rates rise

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) urged action on re-expanding the child tax credit during a press conference this past Wednesday after the annual U.S. Census Bureau report showed...

When it comes to how old is too old for Congress, Colorado’s lawmakers believe voters should be the judge

The Founding Fathers set a minimum age for when people are allowed to run for federal office, but when it comes to the issue of a maximum age limit, they were mum. It’s an issue that has com...

More people than ever are going outside to recreate. The problem is they’re not going often enough

Outings for young families are declining, even with the help of Colorado programs designed to break down barriers to the outdoors

As shutdown looms, Colorado’s members of Congress wonder whether there’s a way out

With just over two weeks left before the government runs out of money, Congress is no closer to an agreement to avoid a government shutdown. The Senate has made some headway, opening debate ...

About 5,000 people will have an insurance gap after Friday Health’s collapse in Colorado

When state regulators shut down Friday Health Plans this summer, it sent tens of thousands of customers scrambling for new insurance in Colorado. The state allowed those affected to buy new ...

USGS helicopter begins mapping geology in Southwest Colorado

The low-flying aircraft is not taking images, but collecting magnetic geophysical data

Entire Western Colorado wild horse herd removed from range in helicopter roundup

All 122 horses in the West Douglas area were captured in the roundup, with four euthanized and the rest headed to holding pens in Cañon City

Colorado GOP representatives hold split opinions on the Biden impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced on Tuesday that he will direct House Republicans to move forward with a formal inquiry into impeaching President Joe Biden. “Ho...

A statewide cap on property taxes could be on next year’s ballot

Colorado voters could face another property tax question next year. Supporters say this one offers a simple, statewide remedy for property owners, but opponents argue it would come with a ho...

Fort Lewis College suddenly pulls plug on rare skiing injury database

Ski resort managers rarely discuss injuries and limited injury data is shared only through industry-supported researchers