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Our View: AG’s police training redesign makes good sense

Focus on officers’ mental health, new competencies mean effective policing

Our View: Parents must know when school assembly is Christian

Montezuma-Cortez Middle School’s Facebook page includes flyers and images you’d expect to see – reminders to order yearbooks, a summer basketball skills camp, teachers rolling burritos for s...

Our View: ‘Middle’ starter homes ‘lost’ in affordable housing debates

$200,000 to $250,000 range missed in strong opposition to SB23-213

Our View: Time for local inpatient facility

It’s a common, heart-wrenching dilemma. Southwest residents are forced to look far away for inpatient substance use treatment. Stories of locals –Jessica Newby, Kelly DiGiacomo, Tate Reaves,...

Our View: Spare screenwriters from gig economy

Signs from strikers on the Writers Guild of America’s picket lines say it all. It’s obvious where the sparkle magic comes from in creating films and award-winning series for U.S. and global ...

Our View: Parental rights can mean fewer rights for majority

One way to soften the blow of losing a job is to be invited to Florence, Italy, and feted by the director of a famous museum along with the mayor. Hope Carrasquilla, the former principal of ...

Our View: Random shootings will test good Samaritan capacity

We admit, we’re a little jittery approaching strangers after a surge in recent, seemingly random shootings. In April, 16-year-old Ralph Yarl was shot twice after ringing the doorbell at the ...

Our View: Patients in Southwest deserve billing solutions

Seniors, especially, need clear answers, better service

Our View: Yes on pet rent bill but not for hotels

We’ve been watching the evolution of House Bill 1068 that would limit pet rent to 1% of monthly rent or $35 per month, whichever is greater, in addition to capping pet deposits to $300 on to...

Our View: Thankful for a few more runs

Ready to work on that goggle tan? We’re delighted to hear that Purgatory Resort has extended its ski season, adding this weekend as a bonus. And it’s nice that weekday and Hesperus season pa...

Our View: Editorial human-produced – not AI

In honor of National Poetry Month, letter writer Mick Souder of Durango asked artificial intelligence to write a poem, “AI In Charge,” published on Sunday in The Durango Herald and The Journ...

Our View: Dominion deserved on-air apology

We’re sending much moral support to Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, charged with espionage in Russia, where his news gathering was criminalized. On Tuesday, watching Gershkovi...
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