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My View: Notes from Rocky’s newsroom during Columbine

I worked at the former Rocky Mountain News in Denver when on April 20, 1999, at 11:23 a.m., a dispatcher on our scratchy police scanner said: “Shots in the building. Female down.” This would...

Our View: 420 events mark evolution of marijuana movement

Before Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana on Jan. 1, 2014, cannabis enthusiasts’ annual, iconic holiday on April 20, to ritualistically gather in public and smoke marijuana at...

Our View: Kim Martin’s columns touch those affected by Alzheimer’s

Some of the most frequent comments we receive have to do with relating to local Kim Martin’s guest columns about her personal journey and experiences after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s i...

Our View: Sun reporter booted from state GOP assembly for doing the right thing

The Colorado Sun reporter Sandra Fish, who was kicked out of the state GOP assembly in Pueblo on Saturday, excels at the most unsexy forms of journalism – digging deep into databases and doc...

Boomer strikes back: ‘OK, Zoomers. I get it.’

“OK, Boomer” is the sarcastic retort to those of us born in the Baby Boomer era. It is a dismissive and derisive response to older people who express opinions that are seen as outdated, cons...

Our View: Thank you, Tom Stritikus

With his team, Fort Lewis College president made enduring gains

Our View: Food aid workers best of us humans

Not providing security for them is a war crime

Our View: Smaller art projects as worthy as larger ones

The surprise of public art – whether murals on drab cinderblock walls or recycled metal twisted into something intriguing – gives places some pluck. Even better is when unexpected artistic g...

Our View: Share what’s on your mind in poems

According to the Poetry Foundation, young people are naturally receptive to poetry and are its most appreciative audience. We don’t know how this concept was measured. But after reading some...

Our View: Demand release of WSJ reporter wrongly imprisoned 1 year

Being soft on Putin counters cause to free Gershkovich

Our View: Time for Native healing practices at VA

Southern Ute member Richards to bring overdue perspective

Our View: Durango’s shady, green East 3rd Ave. median to become a rarity

Law restricts nonnative planting, watering of ‘nonfunctional turf’
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