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Our View: Need legislators on property tax predicament

Colorado homeowners in sought-after locations with the finest in recreation and decent jobs reveled in the soaring value of their properties during 2021 and early 2022. Formerly urban dwelle...

Our View: Housing bill needs more local control

Good intentions come with SB23-213 but it’s too rushed

Our View: Justice Thomas a U.S. – not GOP – problem

High court badly needs reform, transparency, leadership

Our View: Gun bills a sensible start

No single fix will end the tragedies of gun violence in this country. But two Senate gun bills on their way to the governor’s desk for signing take sensible steps forward. One raises the age...

Our View: Courage in 9-R Narcan decision

Students brought A game; school board, district staffers heard them

Our View: Camera story shared around the world

Like many editorials, we start in one direction and after further consideration and sleuthing, go someplace else. This journey began when we heard a 28-second segment on National Public Radi...

Our View: Uncle right to call out lawmaker on gun tweet

The most biting criticism oftentimes comes from family members. And Uncle Chris Soper did not hold back in saying, “Shame on you!” to his nephew Republican Rep. Matt Soper of Delta over a tw...

Our View: Pat Schroeder: A woman for all times

Congresswoman did meaningful work, while being an attentive parent

Our View: For the love of Southwest trees

Trees aren’t as nurtured as much as they once were. They’re even disappearing and inadvertently losing some popularity as we move away from that water-sucking monocrop, formerly called a law...

Our View: Fox News carries on despite journalistic failures

Fox News Channel is its own exotic animal in the world of journalism. When network commentators didn’t adhere to standards as revealed in the Dominion Voting Systems $1.6 billion defamation ...

Our View: Boebert waded into politics at Dolores school

We strongly support students engaging in civic matters. But we’re uncomfortable with U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s visit on Wednesday to Dolores High School because her talk ventured beyond gov...

Our View: Unhoused camping along Animas River

They remind us, we have more immediate work ahead
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