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Our View: AG’s police training redesign makes good sense

Focus on officers’ mental health, new competencies mean effective policing

Concern about ‘no alternative power source’

As natural gas is being phased out, I wonder about the unintended consequences. Storms cause millions of people to lose electricity every year. Some are for long periods causing life-threate...

Editorial cartoon: Digging in

Our View: Parents must know when school assembly is Christian

Montezuma-Cortez Middle School’s Facebook page includes flyers and images you’d expect to see – reminders to order yearbooks, a summer basketball skills camp, teachers rolling burritos for s...

‘Allergic to double standard’ in RE-1

On April 20, the Cortez Middle School building leaders allowed a group called The Seven Project to use the gymnasium for an evening event. The goal of this organization is the religious indo...

Boebert in AR-15 ‘cordless hole puncher’ shirt

According to The Denver Post, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert co-sponsored a bill (HR-1095) aka “The National Gun Act” to make AR-15 style-assault weapons the “national gun in America.” A letter wr...

Why is Purple Cliffs ‘still unsightly mess?’

If I recall correctly, taxpayers paid nearly $375,000 for the cleanup of the Purple Cliffs homeless camp. Why is there still an unsightly mess on the hillside? Is La Plata County blind to th...

‘Biden administration failing us’

The recent removal of Title 42 and the rush of illegal immigrants over the border is now being viewed by the nation. It has been going on for two years, almost 6 million have entered the U.S...

Editorial cartoon: Crypto risk

CNN’s town hall with Trump ‘absurd’

With his hiring as CEO, Chris Licht promised CNN would remake itself as a less opinion-driven channel, less focused on Donald Trump. What did CNN do instead? Gave Trump 75 minutes of unfette...

Yin and yang of two separate selves

Yin-Yang is the ancient Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces. The yin is represented by the black; the yang by the white. The yin represents the ne...

Our View: ‘Middle’ starter homes ‘lost’ in affordable housing debates

$200,000 to $250,000 range missed in strong opposition to SB23-213
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