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Editorial cartoon

Our View: Colorado GOP chair Williams must go

In conversations with GOP candidates and Republican voters, we’ve been detecting an undercurrent of frustration – growing more seismic by the day – within their own party. They want to win s...

Our View: Hurd out to ‘make local – not national – headlines’

Former Aspen city councilor Adam Frisch, whom we endorsed in the 2022 3rd Congressional District race narrowly won by Lauren Boebert, remains the lone Democratic candidate. In considering wh...

McCrackin has a close eye on how federal government ‘spent our money’

Curtis McCrackin of Cedaredge, a former general contractor now in real estate, said some guys read the sports page. He prefers economic and political news, particularly how the federal gover...

Webb says U.S. economy being ‘destroyed intentionally’ by government

Lew Webb of Durango calls himself a “common sense patriot” and uses the words of the Founding Fathers, “we the people,” often. Webb, who sold a family auto dealership in California that empl...

‘Study after study, same message: Protect the Dolores’

On Jan. 3, 1975, then President Gerald Ford signed Public Law 93-621 that amended the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act to include an accelerated study of 100 rivers across the nation, and make rec...

Editorial cartoon

Trump ‘cried, whined, blamed everyone but himself’

Finally, Donald Trump was convicted on a felony. After hundreds of felonies he has committed, courageous, strong women showed the world what Trump is made of. This is the first time in Trump...

Editorial cartoon

CD-3 candidates ‘vied to out-crazy each other’

Thank you, for the detailed article about the debate at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post among the Republican candidates for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. The statements of the fiv...

‘Beauty lies with people’s capacity to understand need for reform’

“A night in jail should straighten you out. A few nights.” This was the last comment I heard while being placed into the back of a police cruiser, blood dripping from just below my left eye,...

Editorial cartoon

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