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Editorial Cartoon

Our View: Abortion and the court

Curtailing women’s rights would be divisive, dangerous and unfair

Masks can curb spread of germs

In reference to the local schools/businesses, municipalities and mask mandates. I’m not a doctor, but I attended a preschool where “say it don’t spray it” was a pretty solid rule, along with...

The difference between fact and opinion

Responding to (“Fact checkers must look at truth,” Journal, Nov. 17). When communicating, it is often helpful to have a shared definition of language and utilize critical thinking skills to ...

An open letter to Rep. Lauren Boebert

Congresswoman, you are an embarrassment. Insulting your colleagues in Congress just further poisons the political atmosphere and makes it harder to do anything positive for the 3rd District ...

Check your sources before writing

I am writing regarding a letter purporting to publish “Communist Rules” in the Nov. 17 issue. This pathetic “find” has been disproven over and over again. It is completely manufactured nons...

Our View: Thanksgiving

A national holiday devoted to gratitude is fitting

Political balance, unaffiliated members key to redistricting commission’s success

As a lifelong unaffiliated voter, the chance to participate in an inherently political process on an equal footing with affiliated voters was very appealing. I was thrilled to be the first ...

Editorial Cartoon

Fact Checkers must look at truth

In a recent letter to the editor (“Not Entitled to Your Own Facts,” Journal, Nov. 10), the author pulled a Fake News, MSM trick of distorting the truth by pulling out isolated “facts” promot...

Editorial cartoon

Our View: Football

The game is basically civilized war, but there is beauty in players’ athleticism
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