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Colorado is ‘well positioned’ for big dollars, says top federal rail official

Colorado’s pro-rail state leaders and its growing population could make it a prime target for big federal rail grants, a top government transportation official said Monday. Federal rail offi...

Gas prices are falling fast in Colorado as the cold winter months hit

Colorado’s gas prices are dropping fast. Gas prices have been falling across the U.S. for several months, but they’re falling especially fast in Colorado, according to AAA. The price in Colo...

Cannabis taxes have not solved Colorado’s budget woes

Cannabis taxes did not solve Colorado’s budget woes. That was never promised, or even implied by supporters of legalization. But some money is better than no money. From the earliest days of...

As time runs out for additional Ukraine aid, Sen. Michael Bennet is pushing the Senate and the president to do more

“We cannot fail to fund Ukraine,” said Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet walking back to his office in the U.S. Capitol last week. But when that funding might come – and even if it comes at all –...

Staffing shortages and lack of space contributing to postal problems in Colorado mountain towns

A U.S. Postal Service Inspector General report confirmed what many residents in Colorado mountain towns already know: service in the high country is slower compared to the rest of the state ...

A way to add 8,800 acres to Colorado State Parks without spending a dollar

As Wyoming plans to auction park land for at least $80 million, some call on the Colorado State Land Board to transfer 8,817 acres inside 13 state parks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

State leaders discuss the rise in hate crimes, many of which go unreported, in Colorado

One by one, leaders from various organizations and law enforcement agencies told stories about their first experience with a hate crime. For some, it happened when they were young and in sch...

Colorado Supreme Court struggles with whether the U.S. Constitution’s ‘insurrection clause’ applies to presidents

If the clause does apply to presidents, Donald Trump could be barred from appearing on Colorado’s Republican presidential primary ballot next year

2024 looking good for Colorado jobs, but interest rates will still be a sticking point, CU report says

Colorado will continue to add jobs next year, but not as many as this year, according to CU economists. The state’s employment is estimated to increase 2.2% in 2023, which equates to 64,500 ...

Colorado state worker pay has improved. Other jobs still pay more

State workers make 8% less than their peers in comparable jobs. And the state’s retirement benefits don’t make up for the pay gap like they used to

How are wildlife officials preparing Coloradans for wolf reintroduction? With a brochure

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it will begin the process of bringing gray wolves from Oregon to Colorado on Friday. The brochure will include information on what to do if you encounter a wolf in the wild

Effort to ban mountain lion hunting in Colorado heats up

Hunting advocates ask the Colorado Supreme Court to reject a ballot initiative that would ban hunting mountain lions, bobcats and lynx