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Andrew Gulliford
Position: Staff reporter

Putting Ruess to rest: An end to a desert mystery?

Perhaps a final conclusion to a 1934 mystery of the desert

American artifacts: Collectors build museums to benefit local economies

Two Colorado collectors build museums to benefit local economies

American artifacts: Two Colorado collectors build museums to benefit local economies

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give,” Winston Churchill said. Now, two Colorado native sons are practicing that wisdom by giving back to their hometowns. Both...

Looking at the life of prospector Cass Hite

In the desert at twilight, as the heat slowly dissipates, the sky turns cobalt blue and stars peak over canyon walls, I think about lone prospectors who spent years of their lives looking fo...

19th-century fur trapper Denis Julien traveled against the current

The mystery of 19th-century fur trapper Denis Julien

A century old, Dinosaur National Monument deserves additional protections

River, canyon country deserves additional protections

Where pioneers are buried: La Plata County’s historic cemeteries

She was dying as she took her place on the wooden wagon. Wrapped in quilts and an oil cloth against the cold pelting rain, her relatives spoke urgently, encouraging the team of horses. But i...

Where rocks have names: Running rapids on Western rivers

A rock is a rock is a rock, unless it is in the middle of a fast flowing river and you are about to smash into it with the front of your boat. In which case, you’re apt to give it a name. Ri...


In Salida, wall art tells story of railroads and mountain troops

Writer advocates for ancient S.W. sites

Challenges visitors to leave artifacts

Some like it hot Soaking up the history at New Mexico’s Ojo Caliente springs

On frigid winter days with long winter nights, there’s nothing like a soak in a natural hot springs and one of the most historic in the Southwest is at Ojo Caliente, N.M. Pioneeri...

Making Ute history live The enduring legacy of Clifford Duncan

Clifford Duncan passed away this winter, and with his passing went centuries of Ute cultural knowledge about land and landscape. A World War II veteran in his 80s living in Neola, Utah, near...