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Andrew Gulliford
Position: Staff reporter

A Mesa Verde plate: New tags would help support national park

Instead of fake news, how about real news? Instead of political posturing and name calling, how about a project to unite us as a region and a state? How about a Mesa Verde National Park lice...

Trampling barriers: Mancos artist’s bronze sculpture honors fall of Berlin Wall

President George H.W. Bush helped reunite East and West Germany when the Berlin Wall fell, and a Mancos artist cast a 7-ton bronze sculpture commemorating the event. For 28 years,...

Mancos mapmaker chronicles John Wesley Powell’s epic 1869 journey

Mancos mapmaker chronicles John Wesley Powell’s epic 1869 journey

Can we learn to live with wolves again?

In Colorado, we have 12 streams named Wolf Creek, yet officially, we have no wolves in our state. A reprint of a rare book helps to explain the loss of Colorado’s wolves, and the ...

The Woolly West: ‘Sheepscapes’ tell the story of sheepherding in Colorado

Everybody writes about cowboys. Nobody writes about sheepherders. Of the hundreds of books written about cowboys and cowboying in the American West, there are few volumes on shee...

For 15 years, my dog, Finn, was a hiking partner

By Andrew Gulliford Special to the Herald It has been enough time now that I can finally write this column without choking up. These are some of the hardest...

Lessons of the 416 Fire show how our approach to wildfires has evolved

The 416 Fire shows how our approach to wildfires has evolved

Olga Little: A mining-era legend of the La Platas

Ascending a mountain to honor the famous female burro-packer

Mancos man’s father helped build Durango, brick by brick

Father’s Day is special for most of us, but for one son, it has a particularly deep meaning. When writers start a story, they never know what threads will weave together. I though...

In Bluff, the Silver Dollar Bar becomes the Bears Ears Education Center

Downtown Durango thrives because buildings get recycled. Former car dealerships are now brewpubs and office buildings. Our historic electric power plant is the Powerhouse Science...

Miera y Pacheco was first European to map the Four Corners

In 18th century, Miera y Pacheco was first European to create maps of our region

Leather as art: The work of Lisa and Loren Skyhorse

Master saddlemakers combine the finest craftsmanship, artistry