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The Montezuma County Historical Society
Position: Staff reporter
Sarah Elizabeth Walker Moore
Position: Staff reporter
Gladys Guillet Hart
Position: Staff reporter
Gladys Hart
Position: Staff reporter

Remembering Sept. 11, 2001

Terrorist attacks hit home in Cortez

Our forgotten potato industry

Montezuma County hosted a potato cellar at the edge of Cortez, and farm in the valley

Meet Sid ‘Kid’ Belt, the boxer who built Belt Salvage in Cortez

Local fighter was three-winner against Hall of Fame’s Joe ‘Awful’ Coffee

Harry Longenbaugh recalls life in the Cortez area in early 1900s

A look back at neighbors and the mysterious Mr. Shumaker

Country baseball teams in Southwest Colorado in 1930-1950

Communities: Beulah, Lewis, Yellow Jacket, Goodman Point, Blue Door, Cahone, Rico, Cortez, Pleasant View and Old Ackmen. During the summer and fall, the games were played on Sunday. Each ar...

Leopold Grasse’s Boot and Harness Shop in Cortez

Leopold Carl Gottfried Grasse (pronounced “Grassy”) and his wife, Augusta (nee Shoneboom) Grasse, came to Cortez about 1909. Both descended from German immigrants and spoke German as well as...

Dr. Royal W. Calkins, physician, surgeon, legislator and friend of the schools

Dr. Royal W. Calkins was born March 18, 1870, in Wyoming, Iowa. Lorilla Calkins Crowson shared her memories of her father in 1987. “As a boy, he moved with his family to the homes...

Looking Back: The early days and life of Montezuma County

Editor’s note: The following column is based on excerpts from a manuscript by Dora Pederson that was read at a Women’s Club Meeting in 1934.By The Montezuma County Historical Society ...

Mitchell Ranch in Cortez told secrets of a lost civilization

Early Montezuma County residents share history of the ancients

The uprising of Polk and Posey in 1915

Shooting leads posse from Cortez on manhunt to Bluff City

The pioneers and outlaws of McElmo Canyon

Part 2 The first record of irrigation in McElmo was 1888, and four ranches hold this priority. Most all the McElmo Canyon ranches hold early water rights. About 1928, John Miller ...

Walter Halls’ McElmo history

Editor’s note: Part 2 of Walter Hall’s McElmo History will appear in Looking Back article on Nov. 4.The first record of irrigation in McElmo Canyon was in 1888. Four ranches held this pr...