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Peter Marcus
Position: Staff reporter
Phone Number: (720), 891-8280

Gov. Hickenlooper calls for unity in wake of election

Protesters rally against Trump

Ballot issues: Minimum wage, aid-in-dying win

DENVER – Colorado voters Tuesday night backed establishing a presidential primary and making it more difficult to amend the state constitution, as part of nine wide-ranging issues that were ...

Brown concedes state house seat to McLachlan

DENVER – One of the most targeted House races in the state lived up to expectations Tuesday night, with the contest between Republican incumbent J. Paul Brown and Democratic challenger Barba...

Tipton holds off Schwartz challenge in 3rd District

DENVER – Republican incumbent Scott Tipton of Cortez was re-elected Tuesday night to the 3rd Congressional District, over a spirited challenge by Democrat Gail Schwartz. What was ...

Michael Bennet defeats Glenn in U.S. Senate race

DENVER – A relatively dull U.S. Senate race in Colorado ended Tuesday night as predicted, with Democrat Michael Bennet holding onto his seat against Republican challenger Darryl Glenn. ...

Governor’s office unveils $28.5 billion budget request

Includes reductions in state services

Clinton emails a chance for GOP to turn the tables

Renewed scrutiny pushes Democrats to explain allegiance to Clinton

Election officials discount idea of ‘rigged’ election

Multiple, bipartisan protections in place to protect integrity

Tipton, Schwartz race intensifies as battle wages on

GOP has advantage in CD3 but is underperforming overall

Amendment 71 creates odd bedfellows

Effort to toughen constitutional amendment process creates strange coalitions

Bennet pledges to chip at D.C. dysfunction if re-elected

DENVER – Democrat Michael Bennet is hoping for another six years in the U.S. Senate to continue to chip away at the “dysfunction” in Washington, D.C. It might seem odd for a memb...

Prop 106 decides aid-in-dying medication in Colorado

Opponents concerned about abuse, coercion from family members