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Michael Booth
Position: The Colorado Sun

How two brothers pack a farm into shipping containers on a Denver used car lot

Ullr’s Garden grows tangy artisanal arugula in climate-controlled trailers just off Broadway, on 5 gallons of water a day

Is Colorado using the right weather words when it’s time for an ‘alerta’?

Studies show language used to issue warnings may not be strong enough in Spanish or in English

EPA tells Polis there’s no getting out of selling reformulated gas to fight ozone

State has threatened to sue over pricier, cleaner gasoline

Colorado is falling behind on its mandate to cut greenhouse gases

New state assessment shows big gaps in goals for transportation emissions

Colorado sees record number of drownings, many related to alcohol or ignoring life jackets

Recent accidents put 2022 total at 36 water-related deaths

Microplastics are seemingly everywhere – including Colorado’s snowpack

Samples find growing rate of shredded plastic fibers

Rocky Mountain National Park is making a comeback after COVID, fire

Trailheads are opening after the East Troublesome fire, a popular campground gets a makeover, and new employee housing on the way

Bird nerd alert: Rare yellow feathered cutie spotted in San Luis Valley

Last documented case of a yellow rail in Colorado was in 1906

Colorado’s drought is bad. Tree ring history shows it could get a lot worse

A new study finds a scorching spell 1,800 years ago robbed the Colorado River of more than one-third of its water

If a Colorado eagle nest falls in the forest – and the cameras are on – should anyone save it?

When wildlife biologists say, ‘Let nature handle it,’ there’s some explaining to do with an enthusiastic public

Colorado readies e-bike program with $12 million in new funding

State officials want to make sure shops have stock

Colorado Parks & Wildlife director suspended after alleged ‘back of the bus’ comment about Black employee

Dan Prenzlow placed on paid leave after remark at Vail outdoors conference