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Thank you, poets

We appreciate all that readers shared on their minds in April for National Poetry Month, which honors and celebrates poets and their craft. Our 250-word count – the same for letters – can be a beast in fully expressing one’s inner thoughts. So thanks for giving it a go.

Although our call for submissions was not a contest, we’d like to share some relatable lines. Of course, we’d rather include more but we also have a pesky word count.

Keep your poems coming, no matter that April 2024 is behind us.

From Stephanie Moran of Durango, “Hugging the Ledge.”

“Whoever thinks that

rock and stone and junipers are not

sentient or thoughtful

not guiding

not aiding

does not get out enough, here.”

From Kit Schmidt of Dolores, “A Peaceful Flight.”

“The sun peaks over the mountains

On this peaceful, quiet morn

I’m at peace in Your glory and grace.

May it remain as I face the day’s storm.”

From Catherine Hawk of Durango, “There’s Nobody Else.”

“There’s nobody else who wags their tail when you come near.

There’s nobody else who will love you just because you walked through the door.”