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Target Rentals sponsors Montezuma 4-H with excavator rental donations

Target Rentals Cortez owner Jerrod Simmons and 4-H youth development extension agent Tiernay Wilson pose with the excavator that will benefit the local 4-H program.
Sponsorship will take place over the next three years

On April 21, Target Rental in Cortez began donating 20% of funds received from the rentals of one of its excavators to Montezuma-County 4-H.

The excavator is a Bobcat model E35, and anyone who rents it will also benefit local youth in the Montezuma 4-H clubs.

Target Rental’s owner Jerrod Simmons said this will continue for the next three years.

“4-H is what we picked so we could give back to the community by helping the kids,” Simmons said. “We are doing daily and weekly rentals on this machine. All rentals benefit 4-H.

Tiernay Wilson, Montezuma 4-H’s new youth development extension agent, said she had a 4-H club leader whose husband works at Target Rentals. After a few conversations with the club leader and Target Rental’s human resources, the partnership began.

“We’re super-thankful for Target Rental being willing to reach out to us and make this sponsorship happen,” Wilson said. “We’re going to try and work to do other sponsorships too.”

A portion of the money used to rent the excavator will benefit Montezuma County’s 4-H for the next three years.

In Montezuma County, 177 youths actively participate in the 4-H program. Students are divided into six 4-H clubs. The official 4-H year begins in October, and registration typically opens in October and closes around December.

During summer, 4-H members can showcase their work at the Montezuma County Fair, showing animals and livestock along with photography, woodworking and more.

Other Target Rentals in the Four Corners region have chosen to benefit various organizations as well. Target Rentals in Durango has chosen to donate 20% of funds from its rentals to the Wounded Warrior Project, while Target Rentals in Farmington has chosen a different organization.