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Small project arts grant 81321 Launch is accepting applications

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The city of Cortez Community and Economic Development department and the LOR Foundation announce a new creative grant program for 2024: 81321 Launch – a small project arts grant. 81231 Launch was the brainchild of Jodi Jarhling, owner of the Zu Gallery who saw that opportunities for small, creative projects in Cortez were limited.

Creative grants up to $4,000 will be awarded in three separate rounds to successful applicants, totaling $12,000 in grants. The Cortez Public Arts Committee will provide grant application review and advisement for the project. The LOR Foundation will manage all final grant decisions and funding allocation.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for all levels of project grants. The maximum grant request is $4,000; however, smaller grant requests will be prioritized. Grant funding has been divided into three categories: a “Tiny Grant” for requests between up to $499, a “Micro Grant” for requests between $500 to $1,499, and a “Small Grant” for requests between $1,500 to $4,000.

The first round of grant funding closed April 1. Round two of the grant funding applications opened on April 2 and will close May 1. Round three will run August through October 2024. Individuals of all ages, for-profit, and nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply.

Creative projects must be based in Cortez and show cause to benefit the overall community. Applicants are asked to consider the following questions when completing their grant requests:

1. Does the project make Cortez an amazing place to call home?

2. Does the money produce something tangible that can be seen, felt, or experienced?

3. Does the project engage the broader community?

4. Does the project bring something new, innovative, and unique to Cortez?

To learn more and apply for an 81321 Launch grant, go to www.81321launch.com. You can also email Helen West at hwest@cortezco.gov.

In coordination with the Cortez Public Arts Advisory Board, the Community and Economic Development department is cultivating a ‘Cortez Creative Alliance“ to explore and advance creative opportunities in and around Cortez. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative or signing up for newsletters, please visit: cortezco.gov/553/Public-Arts-Committee.