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Mancos trustees discuss proposed livestock ordinance

‘Roosters are noise timebombs,’ resident says
A Mancos resident watches as her chickens roam her yard in 2013. The latest version of a town ordinance allows for up to 12 hens.

Town of Mancos officials have prepared another draft ordinance regulating livestock and other animals kept in town.

Staffers presented the ordinance to trustees at their meeting Wednesday, July 27, and the board referred it back to the town planning and zoning board. The trustees didn’t take a vote on the ordinance, and trustee Cindy Simpson was absent from the meeting.

The latest version of the ordinance allows for up to 12 hens, quail or rabbits, two bee colonies or one rooster in any town zoning district without a permit. Lots with a minimum of 1 acre of open space in any district may have one cow, pig, horse or other livestock animal but must meet the 30-foot setback from the property line for the animal structure.

Mancos resident Kevin Cook spoke at the meeting, urging trustees to remove the allowance for one rooster. He said roosters are loud and always trouble within the confines of a town.

“Roosters are noise timebombs,” Cook said.

Trustees agreed that allowing one rooster was acceptable for the ordinance.

“This ordinance is a fair compromise all things considered,” Trustee Michele Black said. “I say we move forward.”

The planning and zoning board will discuss the ordinance at a future meeting in August or September, town manager Andrea Phillips said. A public hearing will be held on the ordinance at that time.

Following are several other key points of the proposed ordinance:

Livestock of any type are permitted in the agricultural residential zone provided that the 30-foot setback for structures is followed.Structures to house animals are considered accessory structures and must meet the dimensional or setback standards and the use-specific standards in the land use code.Nonconforming uses will have 90 days from the date of passage of the ordinance to come into compliance. Nonconforming structures will remain and shall not be required to be moved unless they become a nuisance, but may not be enlarged.An animal pound or kennel will be defined as any premises on which five or more dogs over ten weeks of age are kept or housed for any reason and for any length of time.Slaughtering or processing of wild game and livestock is permitted in town with proper disposal of offal.Odors, composting, manure and noise is addressed.