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Mancos Common Press introduces artists-in-residence program

An old photo provided by the Mancos Common Press shows the old press used to print the Mancos Times, and a smaller press at left.

The Mancos Common Press introduced its first artists-in-residence program with Rosie Carter and Jamie Karolich.

This program was made possible through a grant from the Ballantine Family Foundation. The two artists are gathering community knowledge for a collection of knowledge prints made from community member responses using antique presses at The Mancos Common Press’.

The prints will be available free to the community and may be picked up at The Mancos Common Press from Wednesday to May 20.

To participate, take a sheet of paper from the deposit box site and respond with a contribution. Deposit the sheet in the mailbox at The Mancos Press, 135 W. Grand Ave., Mancos.

For more information, contact Tami Graham at tamigraham11@gmail.com or Betsy Harrison at betsy@cmumford.com.