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Lawrence brothers take turns winning the 450 at motocross race in Colorado

Hunter Lawrence won the first motocross race in Colorado on Sunday, and his brother, Jett Lawrence, won the second race. (Screen Capture via NBC Motorsports YouTube)
Hunter Lawrence is proving that he is a force to be reckoned with despite slow start in 450 class

At Sunday’s AMA pro motocross race at Thunder Valley in Lakewood the Lawrence brothers took turns winning the weekend’s two main events, with Jett Lawrence taking a win in the second race despite being injured.

Jett Lawrence injured his arm last weekend and is not quite back to 100%, according to commentators during the race.

In the first race, Justin Cooper claimed the hole shot, with Justin Barcia right on his heels. Hunter Lawrence, Jason Anderson and Aaron Plessinger followed behind. Both Jett Lawrence and Chase Sexton had difficult starts, putting them in fifth and sixth place around the first turn.

As the racers neared the halfway point, Cooper held the lead by over five seconds while Hunter Lawrence passed Barcia for third place.

At the seven-minute mark, Hunter Lawrence was two seconds behind Cooper and Jett Lawrence and Anderson raced neck and neck behind. Soon, Hunter moved to first place and Jett moved to second.

Sexton crashed, putting him in sixth place at the race’s end, which commentators noted was an unfortunate spot to be in after winning both races last weekend.

The brothers took the top two positions, with Hunter placing first and Jett secibd`.

In the second race, Cooper once again claimed the hole shot, with Sexton and the Lawrence brothers following closely behind.

Sexton started out in the second position, but Jett Lawrence quickly passed him. Sexton wasn’t willing to give up his position so easily, however, and passed Jett again to regain his second-place spot.

After successfully holding off Jett, Sexton charged after Cooper in an attempt to overtake him for first place.

The two battle back and forth with Sexton nearly edging out Cooper, but Cooper had the upper hand around the corner, blocking Sexton’s attempt at first place.

Sexton took an aggressive and bold strategy, according to commentators, and passed Cooper just to crash right as he moved to the first-place spot.

As he crashed, he was passed by Cooper, the Lawrence brothers and Barcia.

In the last few minutes of the race, Cooper, Jett and Hunter raced neck in neck, with the Lawrence brothers passing Cooper together to battle for first place.

Hunter fought to pass Jett, but it wasn’t enough. Despite having an injured arm, Jett Lawrence won the second motocross race in Colorado.

Jett Lawrence is currently in third place for overall motocross points with 113 points, Sexton is in second with 123 and Hunter Lawrence is in first with 129.

Cortez racer Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb are still recovering from their surgeries following the end of the Supercross season.

The next motocross race will take place on Saturday at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania.