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Join day of prayer for law enforcement officers June 13

I invite you to join me and millions of Americans in a day of appreciation and prayer for law enforcement on June 13.

With all the negativity and malice shown toward those who bravely serve and protect our families, it is important to lift up those who wear the badge as local police, sheriffs deputies and state peace officers. Remember, law enforcement officers deserve our respect and appreciation, instead of being taken for granted. Without effective law enforcement, there is no law and order. Without law and order, anarchy prevails.

This is a great opportunity to support law enforcement and let them know that we believe in the importance of their tireless work on our behalf. Pray for those specific persons you know and their families. Give them a handwritten note of appreciation. Say "thank you."

If you see them in a restaurant, pay for their dinner or lunch! A kind word will be memorable!

David Swanson