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Deputies called to Mancos family dispute

Family reports domestic violence; accounts vary

Deputies responded Dec. 27 to a report of a fight in Mancos between a couple on their anniversary.

Just after noon, a woman reported her brother-in-law had grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against a vehicle near the intersection of County Road J and U.S. Highway 160. While deputies were responding, the woman’s husband reported she had run his leg over with her car. The deputies weren’t able to determine whose story was right, so the case was left unresolved.

According to the incident report by patrol deputy Casey Eubanks, the woman claimed she had picked up her husband, with whom she was in the midst of a divorce, to discuss their relationship because it was their anniversary. While they were driving, she said they saw her husband’s brother and mother on the side of the road and pulled over. She claimed her brother- and mother-in-law had started yelling at her, and the brother-in-law had shoved her against the vehicle, leading her to get back in the car and drive away quickly.

According to the report, the woman’s husband claimed he was walking home from work when his wife attempted to run him over, then told him to get in the car. After he got out of the car to meet his mother on the side of the road, he claimed his wife ran him over, then got out of the car and came toward him with her fists raised. He claimed his brother had pushed her aside.

The man went to the emergency room at Southwest Memorial Hospital, but Eubanks reported he did not appear to have any injuries or clothing damage consistent with being run over by a car. The woman reportedly had a small bruise on her arm, but no bruising around her neck that would indicate she was grabbed there.

Eubanks requested the incident report be forwarded to the Montezuma County District Attorney’s office for review, and reported he would take no immediate action due to “the lack of physical evidence and conflicting stories from all parties.”

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