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Counterfeit bills reported in Montezuma County

Fake bills showed up in Dolores, Cortez
The Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office reports that counterfeit bills are circulating in the area. If you suspect a bill is fake, contact law enforcement.

Counterfeit money has been showing up at convenience and liquor stores in the area, reports Montezuma County Sheriff Steve Nowlin.

“We began receiving reports Tuesday evening, and it has continued into today,” he said Wednesday.

Fake $10 and $20 bill were reported at stores in Dolores and in the county. McDonald’s in Cortez has also seen the fake bills, according to a cashier.

Nowlin said the case is being investigated, and that surveillance tapes from stores where the bills were used will be reviewed.

He said this much counterfeit activity is rare for our area, but it has happened before.

Cashiers who suspect a fake bill should report it to law enforcement serving their area. An officer can run the serial numbers to determine if the currency is valid.

Nowlin suspects that many more businesses might have accepted the fake currency but don’t realize it yet.

Counterfeit money is usually discovered once it has arrived at the bank, where it is deemed worthless with no credit given.

Merchants can use ultraviolet lights to detect certain security features on bills to determine if they are valid. For more information, visit the U.S. Education Currency Education Program at www.uscurrency.gov

If you suspect counterfeit money has been used, contact local police or local U.S. Secret Service Office, observe the passer’s description, and write down their vehicle license plate number. Place counterfeit note inside a protective cover such as a plastic bag and submit it to law enforcement.


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