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Commander-in-chief is a draft-dodger

Recently, a Trump supporter wrote a letter listing 10 reasons to support President Donald Trump, one of which called him a patriot. But is he really?

That claim deserves close attention. Donald Trump repeatedly claims he suffered bone spurs on his feet which disqualified him from military service. But The New York Times reported that in the fall of 1968, podiatrist Dr. Larry Braunstein, who ran the Hillside Foot Care clinic in Jamaica, Queens, provided Trump with a false diagnosis of bone spurs to enable Trump to avoid military service. Dr. Braunstein’s family confirmed this fact.

Why would Dr. Braunstein commit this fraud? He did so as a favor to Trump’s rich father, Fred C. Trump, who owned the building in which Dr. Braunstein set up his clinic. Dr. Braunstein rented office space from Trump’s father in that building, so the doctor returned that favor with one of his own for Fred’s son.

One New York favor gets another.

If you don’t trust The New York Times, would you trust The Military Times? That publication reported that Donald Trump admitted to his advisors that he made up this fake claim to avoid military service in Vietnam. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, confirmed this fact.

So there you have it. Donald Trump, our commander-in-chief, is a draft dodger. His bone spurs never existed, and he spins this lie every time he opens his mouth to repeat that claim.

James F. AndrusCortez