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Brett Robsion receives probation for possessing firearm, stolen property

Brett Robsion was given a probationary sentence on Thursday. (Courtesy Photo)
Robsion appeared in court via Webex during his sentencing

A man was sentenced Thursday in the 22nd Judicial District to a year of probation for possessing a firearm and stolen property.

Judge Furse sentenced Brett Adam Robsion to 12 months of probation with alcohol evaluations, requiring him to attend and complete inpatient treatment, if recommended.

Robsion was arrested on a warrant and alleged theft in February.

District Attorney Christian Hatfield and Robsion’s attorney Kenneth Pace agreed that probation would be appropriate for Robsion, telling Judge William Furse that Robsion didn’t have much of a criminal history before his recent drug addiction started.

Hatfield and Pace both told Judge Furse that Robsion’s best chance was getting help, and that Robsion had shared that he was willing to do inpatient treatment if he can’t maintain his sobriety while on probation.

Judge Furse told Robsion that he’s barred from using alcohol or drugs and must find and obtain employment, adding that jail would not be a condition of probation as of right now if the other guidelines were met.

Robsion appeared on Webex in Judge Furse’s courtroom for sentencing, sharing that he was in Durango with his mother, who was ill.

Robsion was given 24 hours after sentencing to register with probation.

“I know that I need help and probation should give me the tools to get the help I need,” Robsion told Judge Furse.

Robsion was first arrested in Cortez on Nov. 8 after being seen walking with a firearm near Kemper Elementary School, and again on Dec. 13 on a warrant for failing to appear in court.

When arrested in November, a concerned resident called police after seeing Robsion with the firearm. When approached by police, Robsion told them that he was selling the gun to a friend.

He was cited for being in possession of an illegal weapon.

Robsion was most recently arrested on Feb. 10 on a misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear in court on a weapons charge and allegedly robbing a person in Pleasant View.

When pulled over by police near the 17000 block of Road DD, Jacob Ortiz, who was with Robsion hauling the items suspected of being stolen, told police that he didn’t know Robsion wasn’t supposed to be moving the items in their trucks.

In their vehicles and on the attached 16-foot trailer, police found a John Deere side-by-side, a Yamaha motorcycle, three wire welders, a Rigid brand pipe stand, acetylene, oxygen tanks and multiple tools.

The property owner, Gerald Fougerat, Jr., told police that he didn’t know either Robsion or Ortiz, and that he hadn’t given anyone permission to remove items from his property. Fougerat also told police that many of the items listed had belonged to his now-deceased son, who had lived on the property before his death.

Robsion was also found to be illegally carrying a concealed weapon.