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Fishing in feeder streams

It’s a win-win situation in my book

A reunion on the Hermosa River

Some favorite spots are still in the altered Middle Fork

Two words: ‘Keep out’

Thoughts on fishing, navigating private property

Blast and cast

Visiting old friends, hunting dove and fly fishing in Texas

There’s more to fly fishing than catching

Just getting out can be rewarding

Hooked on no hook

A fly fishing experiment with the hooks cut off

Fish small area lakes for large amounts of fun

Depending on the lake, you can catch trout, bass, carp, panfish and catfish

Solutions for high water

For some time, those of us that fly fish have been hoping for wetter falls, winters and springs. If you haven’t noticed, we finally got our wish. It is now May, and the ski area ...

It’s a new year ... now what?

Christmas has come and gone, and as usual, most of the items on my wish list are still there. We don’t have world peace, hunger is still around, happy political parties are still...

What I want for Christmas

I’m no different from my friends. I’d love to open the paper on Christmas day and see that world peace had broken out, hunger was now gone and the United States now had political parties tha...

The Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock

Back in June, when for some reason I couldn’t get out to fly fish, I was channel surfing and found the Outdoor channel. As fate would have it, a show about the life of Joe Brooks was just be...

‘Wild, stronger, together’

The above title makes one think of the Wild Bunch, from last month’s column, merged with other Wild Bunches and are conquering the world. You’d be wrong if that’s what you thought. ...