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Tracy Ross
Position: The Colorado Sun

Wolf deterrent methods aren’t working, ranchers say, after seventh cow is killed

Funding for a range rider hasn’t stopped wolves from killing calves

A $700-per-night stargazing resort is coming to San Luis Valley

Is there enough space – and demand – to support it and similar ventures?

Colorado wildlife officials are visiting wolf-impacted communities after rocky start to reintroduction

State leaders admonished Colorado Parks and Wildlife over poor transparency when wolves were released in December. Can the agency rebuild trust?

In Silverton, the tangled debate over how – and whether – to protect wetlands in town goes on and on

The Silverton board of trustees has been grappling with how to handle its wetlands amid a desperate need for housing since 2022. After pausing construction while they figure it out, they’re at it again

Colorado cuts April hunting season, electronic lures after 198 mountain lions were killed in a month

Of those lions killed, nearly 44% were female – posing a risk to cubs born to breeding-age lions in that population.

CPW says it will not kill wolves after attacks on North Park rancher’s cattle

In the latest chapter of Don Gittleson’s fight to protect his livestock from wolves, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says he should continue using mitigation tools the rancher claims haven’t worked

Colorado ranchers: Murky rules about killing wolves sets them up for big livestock losses

Ranchers want wildlife officials to define ‘chronic depredation’ and deal with two problem wolves in North Park

How are wildlife officials preparing Coloradans for wolf reintroduction? With a brochure

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it will begin the process of bringing gray wolves from Oregon to Colorado on Friday. The brochure will include information on what to do if you encounter a wolf in the wild

Human-moose conflicts are on the rise in Colorado. Who is to blame — humans or moose?

Following four incidents where people were injured by moose in recent months, should wildlife managers take a closer look at population numbers?

The Partners in the Outdoors conference ended in disaster last year. Now CPW must put the pieces back together

The agency is calling on wildlife, recreation and conservation communities to rebuild its broken model

Biden wants to make conservation equal to ranching and mining. The GOP won’t have it

Republican-led House committee voted to withdraw a BLM rule it links to ‘Biden’s preservationist agenda’

Wildlife officials issue warning following fawn kidnapping, moose’s fatal jump from parking garage

Reminder comes during an uptick of apparently inadvertent abuses