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Megan Verlee

A week out from the primary, presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is visiting Colorado

GOP candidate trying to rally support in a state where party apparatus is already fully behind her opponent

Stricter ban on cellphone use while driving advances at the Colorado legislature

Colorado drivers better get ready to put away their cellphones while behind the wheel. The state legislature is moving forward with a bill that would ban the use of handheld electronic devic...

Court rules ‘secret voting’ system used by state Democrats violates Colorado open meetings law

A Denver judge is ordering Democratic lawmakers to stop using a private ranking system to prioritize bills for funding because the practice violates Colorado’s open meetings law. Legislative...

Supreme Court agrees to consider Trump’s appeal to Colorado ballot ruling

The highest court in the nation will decide whether Coloradans can vote for former President Donald Trump in the state’s GOP primary this March. The court announced Friday afternoon it will ...

Colorado justices threatened after ruling removing Trump from the ballot

Federal and local law enforcement agencies in Colorado are investigating threats made against the state's Supreme Court justices after they narrowly disqualified former president Trump from ...

Why does your windshield ice up on some nights and not others?

Adam Sher of Boulder was leaving his house recently when the sight of his son’s car caught his attention. “It was covered with frost. But it hadn't rained that night, it hadn't snowed, and t...

Penalty for stealing a car is no longer linked to how much the car is worth

New state law focuses on behavior of offender rather than value of vehicle

GOP complaint against Polis for letter sent with refund checks likely to be dismissed

Governor referred to payments as ‘Colorado Cashback,’ not TABOR returns

Colorado man arrested for threatening members of Congress

Indictment lists initials of three congressional members

Bureau of Land Management’s relocation plans becoming clear amid Republican objections

The Bureau of Land Management’s plans for moving back to Washington, D.C., are taking shape, and Western Republicans aren’t happy. After higher-level senior positions have moved to Washingto...

Colorado Supreme Court to hear arguments on Latino representation in state’s congressional map

15 organizations, local governments and individuals have filed briefs supporting or opposing the latest map