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Kate Corliss
Position: Herald Staff Writer

Bennet calls for ‘strong bipartisan vote’ in favor of Dolores River Canyon protection bill

Proposed legislation rooted in ‘thoughtful compromise,’ senator says

Boebert to represent western states on House Republican Policy Committee

Congresswoman promises to promote ‘conservative values’

Local Dems OK with Adam Frisch’s decision to concede before recount

‘It’s the right thing to do, if you know you’ve lost an election’

Adam Frisch remains hopeful in underdog race that became a ‘national conversation’

CD-3 candidate shares campaign strategy and what he expects as final votes are counted

How did the Boebert-Frisch race get so close?

Frisch leads despite expectations that Boebert would cinch reelection

Hickenlooper introduces PREPARE Act to develop federal framework for cannabis legalization

Bill would develop commission of legislators, cannabis advocates and entrepreneurs

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet says ‘it’s kind of like family everywhere I go’

Democrat incumbent discusses previous accomplishments, future goals ahead of midterm elections

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert breaks down five issues facing Southwest Colorado

Republican incumbent recounts leaving high school to work for McDonald’s as shaping views

U.S. House candidate Adam Frisch wants to bring back ‘getting stuff done’

Boebert’s Democratic challenger talks bipartisan collaboration, life on the campaign trail

Boebert, Frisch debate inflation, environment and education ahead of early voting

League of Women Voters forum moderated by Durango resident Lori Smith Schell