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Jesse Paul
Position: The Colorado Sun

Is calling Denver a ‘toilet bowl’ a winning message for Colorado Republicans in 2022?

Republicans’ statements follow comments about rural Colorado “A toilet bowl.” “A city that no one wants to come to.” “There’s nobody out there that says Denver’s great anymore.” Those were t...

5 ways the Colorado Legislature just affected your wallet – in a good way

Your property taxes won’t rise as much as they were supposed to and Coloradans will temporarily avoid a $2 increase in the cost to get or renew a driver’s license

Colorado lawmakers just passed legislation creating a statewide recycling program. Here’s how it would work.

Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign the legislation, House Bill 1355, into law

Democrats want Colorado to be one of the nation’s first presidential primary states in 2024

The move comes as the Democratic National Committee looks to move the spotlight away from Iowa and New Hampshire

Republican stall tactics in Colorado House threaten dozens of bills as term nears close

Bills would change unemployment system, increase penalties for fentanyl crimes, spend federal coronavirus aid

High-stakes property tax battle ends dramatically as sides agree to embrace $700M reduction

Legislature will move forward with Senate Bill 238, which would reduce projected property tax increases by $700 million over the next two years, as is

Colorado is about to spend $28 million to fund free summer bus and train trips

The idea is to get Coloradans used to riding transit in the hope they will form a habit

Polis injects $5.2 million into his campaign as Republicans lag Democrats statewide

Democratic incumbents for attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer continue to outraise rivals

Democrats avoid Jared Polis in quest to ensure Coloradans get the full picture on income tax changes

Senate bill would refer a measure to the ballot that would require upfront information on how tax initiatives would affect them

Denver judge rejects effort to end Don Coram’s primary challenge against Lauren Boebert

Lawsuit alleged 390 petition signatures submitted by Coram were flawed

Colorado Rep. Matt Gray won’t run for reelection after DUI arrest

Democratic Party will convene a vacancy committee to select a candidate for Broomfield-area seat

Colorado state representative smelled of alcohol, refused breath test before DUI arrest

Matt Gray was trying to pick up his children when he was arrested, according to police report