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‘Zelensky is a liar and a thug’

I have seen several commentaries from Democrats since before the November election, criticizing U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert for her conservative stands on just about anything. What all these commentaries have in common is that they are inaccurate and emotionally based.

Recently, she has been hammered for her refusal to pay homage to the President Zelensky of Ukraine during his visit and speech in Washington. She was right to do so. Zelensky is a liar and a thug, and his country is not a democracy. We are not “saving democracy” in the Ukraine, but we are making a lot of corrupt people even more wealthy at the expense of working-class Americans. Zelensky is a dictator and his country suffers because of him and he wants Americans to fund his corruption. He obviously has found enough fools in Congress to do his bidding.

There are two thugs in Eastern Europe going at it, so why should we be involved, wasting billions of dollars that could be used to improve our own country and maybe, just maybe, secure our Southern border?

None of President Joe Biden’s reasons for our involvement in Ukraine are logical or based on the truth. Thanks to Congresswoman Boebert for seeing things as they really are and reacting accordingly.

Charles W. Thompson