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Winner in debt ceiling drama? ‘Nobody’

The drama in the nation’s capitol is over for now. The House voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling, thus ending the financial threat briefly.

Who was the winner regarding this national urination contest? Nobody, in my opinion. I listened to the reports from Wall Street, and the market instability caused by these extremists prevented investors from maximizing profits. Most citizens would have been negatively affected if the vote occurred differently. Repeatedly, veterans and senior citizens were targeted as the victims, if the debt ceiling was not increased.

Roughly a dozen years ago, then President Barack Obama and Speaker John Boehner also came to a painful compromise regarding increasing the debt ceiling. Their compromise failed, largely because the American people wanted it to fail. We the people deserve the blame. We like using credit, but unfortunately, do not want to pay the bill.

As a Western citizen, I’m disgusted with the entire process. Time, the opportunity cost that is not renewable, was lost. Water needs to be top priority. Who lost with this debt ceiling conflict? We all did! The outcome was predictable.

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert admitted that she loves to fight. However, once she realized that her position was doomed, she declared the opposition’s victory a “gift to the Democrats.” Then, after all of the trouble she caused previously, she arrived tardy, apparently believing she could still steal the show.

“Vote no rootin’ tootin” repeatedly until she flees to Mar-a-Lago!

Joe Hubbard