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‘Who is actually running our country?’

As the presidential election heats up and candidates are exposed more and more through television ads and rally speeches, it is very clear that one candidate doesn’t have the ability to speak, think or respond to any nonscripted or canned softball questions nearly as well as the two other major candidates.

Why does he always have cue cards or an earpiece in during meetings or when he plans to speak? He even has a list of certain reporters he will allow to ask him pre-authorized questions so he can answer with pre-written responses.

When he does go off script, he is often stopped by staff and escorted off stage. Is this the person we want communicating (or dozing off in front of) with world leaders whom he often refers to as leaders of countries, which they are not. Or calling out in a crowd for a person who is deceased?

Who do you suppose is really in charge? It would be nice to know who we are really voting for or against. It would cause one to ponder who is actually running our country?

Clearly, not this person.

John Anderson