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‘When did U.S. become socialist?’

Since when did The Journal become such a leftist newspaper. Belittling Lauren Boebert and Ron DeSantis but uplifting "creepy Uncle Joe.“ When did the U.S. become such a socialist country? Ron DeSantis is fighting for our children's education. Not everyone wants to make our children part of LGBTQ and show them pornography in elementary/middle school. As far as “sleepy Joe,” how can anyone say he is doing an above average job. He is doing a horrible job!

We are paying so much for gas and food, it is ridiculous! Why is it acceptable to allow open borders. What, we don’t have enough people hooked on drugs in the U.S. or overdosing? People need to remember how it was two years ago before the pandemic and President Biden. Food and gas were affordable and people were working. Now plants are shut down, no one wants to work, there are food shortages for infants and there is not one thing from the president about how he will address this situation or fix this. How is Joe Biden doing a better job than President Trump ever did? I don’t understand. We the people need to take a stand against the craziness that is happening in Washington, D.C.

Lisa Clark