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What If

Why are our young ones choosing death?

Drugs, guns, suicide, mutilation, abortion, screens

What if one generation taught the next,

That life is precious and worth the struggle?

What if we chose life?

Even when we can’t do it alone;

Even when we are in pain; Even when we feel alone;

Even when there are expenses; Even when we have to ask for help;

Even when we are too tired.

What if young ones saw generations helping others live?

Babies not yet born, even if they might have a disability,

Young and old struggling to find their way,

Parents struggling to parent,

The sick,

Those who are in pain,

Young and old who can’t care for themselves,

Those who are struggling to do better,

Those who worked hard until they couldn’t anymore,

Those who have forgotten who they were.

What if one generation saw another helping others?

Then would young ones learn that life is a precious gift worth fighting for?

What if generations saw their elders embracing life to the end;

rather than fighting for our right to die?

Carol Powers