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We all own Empire Electric, TriState G&T

Thank you for the recent article regarding the much-anticipated proposed solar projects in Montezuma County.

The news story, however, failed to mention that we are all involved in these proposed projects. Allow me to elaborate. I assume that you are a member of Empire Electric, correct? Then please consider the following:

As you certainly understand, after years of reporting on all events involving Empire Electric, 42 rural electric cooperatives – including Empire Electric – own Tri-State Generation and Transmission. Therefore, you (as well as all the rest of us within Empire Electric’s service territory) actually own Tri-State G&T!

So, it is factually inaccurate to report, “Empire Electric Association is not involved in the projects.” The fact is that you, as well as The Journal readers, are all indeed involved as owners of Empire Electric and TriState G&T in these proposed projects.

Pretty amazing to consider that enough energy to supply the electric needs of 75,000 homes may well be generated right here. Also, it’s fascinating that we all cooperatively own the companies responsible for this amazing possibility.

Bill Mollenkopf