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Virus could have been handled better

It seems to me this pandemic could have been handled better. The older population and those with vulnerable conditions should be under strict sequestering.

But the last to sequester and the first to return to school and normalcy were the children. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end was harmful physically, mentally and spiritually. Being away from the outdoors and friends is equally harmful. Strong, young teachers are essential workers, making sure there is good ventilation and good hand washing, etc, in the schools – and plenty of recess.

And, instead of blanket shutdowns, they should be tailored to each particular area of the country according to how prevalent the disease is, and the death rate is, in the area. Our country needs to be prepared for massive, free testing so authorities can accurately judge the nature of the problem areas.

There will be other threatening viruses, especially as we encroach on natural areas throughout the world and the overall vibrancy of nature (including ourselves!) is compromised by greenhouse gases, etc.

We have to react smarter and find ways to keep the economy in a workable condition during these times.

Anne BowlerCortez

Jun 16, 2020
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