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U.S. democratic, not socialist

Please look up the definition of the word socialist, and thanks for your political opinions.

By The Herald publishing your letter, it shows that democracy is alive and well in the United States. If this were a socialist country, your democratic opinions would be unwelcome. As you know by submitting your letter, we in this country welcome open and constructive political discussion, and opinion. However, please remember that not everyone may agree with your opinion.

Oh, and one other heads up. If we lived in a country with a socialist government and a socialist economy, fuel and food prices would be the same no matter what town or state you were in. Goods under this type of government and economy are made strictly for use - not for sale - and prices are set by the government. It kind of sounds like this is what you are wanting. However, we live in a democratic country with a capitalist economy, so fuel and food companies can charge whatever they want for products. This has nothing to do with who our politicians are. If our politicians were setting the price of products, that would be socialist and we don't want that, do we?

John Gallup