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Truth being hidden about COVID-19 vaccines

It doesn’t take a medical professional (although I am one being a retired RN) to come to different conclusions about the COVID-19 vaccine than what the authorities and mainstream media are touting relentlessly.

It is not good journalism to present only one side and not call in other experts who can offer different opinions. There is censoring going on and that is not how journalism is supposed to work in a democracy, or anywhere. It is not healthy for the country when the only message is fear and there is only one answer to alleviate the fear. Not only that, the answer changes almost weekly and we are supposed to forget what was touted the week before. It certainly does remind me of George Orwell’s book, “1984,” where there is “reality control” practiced on the population.

Just using my common sense, I have a different reality than what the so-called authorities are saying in lockstep. These include: 1. This experimental vaccine without long-range testing should not be put into the growing bodies of healthy children who have no risk of dying from COVID. 2. There is no reason for a person who has natural long-range robust immunity from the COVID infection itself to get the vaccine. And I would add that the antibody testing in 2020 was completely unreliable but much of this information was, and is, squelched to advance the agenda of whatever the authorities are pushing at the time.

My list goes on, but no room!

Anne Bowler