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Trump set America, the world back

The Pacific Northwest, the West Coast and all of the East Coast have been suffering 100-plus-degree heatwaves, and record heat in places that no one ever thought possible, like Portland, Montana and Seattle.

Record mega-fires, mega-drought and record storms are happening all over America and the world. But Trump said climate change is a Chinese hoax and his followers believe him. Four years of Donald Trump has set back many years not only America – in dealing with our changing climate, doing the things we need to do, like wean ourselves off fossil fuels – but also the world, in dealing with this crisis for many years.

Some 600,000 people are dead from the virus that Trump said was a Democrat hoax. Time was wasted with phony “cures” Trump pushed. Time was wasted with lies and phony cures while people died.

As I drive around Montezuma County and see the Trump banners and the deplorable anti-Biden banners, with words you would never repeat to a child or anyone with any sense of morality, it boggles my mind that people still support this man, who lied over 30,000 times in office.

Trump and his followers and supporters in Congress set our country back many years in the environment, health care, caring for our public lands and world leadership.

I find this sad and worry about the future of America.

Larry Berger