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Trump incitement led to injury of law enforcement officers

I arrived in Montezuma County on Jan. 1, and five days later a mob of Trump supporters stormed the capitol of the United States; forcefully penetrated the defensive perimeter of the Capitol Police; entered both chambers and Congressional offices; vandalized something considered sacred to many; and injured more than 150 law enforcement officers. On the local scene, I’ve encountered numerous displays of white supremacy, which is domestic terrorism.

On June 1, 2020, Lafayette Square was cleared of peaceful protesters using rubber bullets and gas irritants. This was an act of domestic terrorism. The world watched. President Donald Trump terrorized the American people, and since nothing happened to hinder his assault, his cult stormed the U.S. Capitol, hurt many Capitol Police officers and D.C. Metropolitan Police officers, who want to be heard, but no Republicans will listen to them. How about the residents of Montezuma County, will you listen to the men in blue you want to support so fiercely?

I am Antifa. I believe Trump incited a mob of his followers to take control of the U.S. Capitol so the certification of Joe Biden as president would not happen. They continue their assault. They broke a contract with the rest of us and I want them to to know that. I am protesting outside the Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office and Cortez Police Department.

Belinda Hantout