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‘Transgender a misnomer’

I have yet to find any biological evidence where either hormone treatments, surgery or any other kind of procedure can “entirely” transform an individual's gender from male to female or vice versa. Until such a transformation is reported as biologically possible, the misused term transgender is a misnomer.

For example, if a male cannot be completely transformed into a female, it's only reasonable to assume that the anatomical features of the male, such as muscular development, strength and endurance, cannot be transformed entirely either. This is the reason why a naturally born male, who claims to be a female, should not be allowed to compete in an all-female swim event since he will always win by a significant margin. This same argument holds true for a naturally born female who claims to be a male and wants to compete in an all-male weightlifting event; she could never win.

In all fairness, transgender persons should compete within their own teams, as do all females and males compete with their own teams.

This is the only way a competitive event can be judged as being fair.

Bob Gramera