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Three sentenced in Montezuma domestic violence cases

Scott Klassen’s bond was set at $500 in connection with a domestic violence case in Montezuma County Court on Monday.

Klassen was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of third degree assault and domestic violence, according to a report from the Sheriff’s office. Judge JenniLynn Lawrence also issued a noncontact protection order for the alleged victim. Klassen’s next court date will be Dec. 7 for appearance of his counsel.

In an unrelated case, Klassen, 58, was sentenced in September to 90 days of unsupervised probation and ordered to pay $7,697 in restitution after being convicted of shooting and killing his neighbor’s 2,000-pound Charolais bull. According to prosecutors, Klassen was appealing that felony conviction for theft of an agricultural animal and he had already paid restitution in that case.

Also Monday, Draco McGuire was sentenced to 24 months of probation in connection with a harassment and domestic violence case. Donovan Tully was handed an 18-month probation sentence in connection with a domestic violence case.

On Tuesday in county court, Collette Etcitty was handed an 18-month probation sentence in connection with a harassment as an act of domestic violence case. Lawrence issued the sentence despite the recommendation from the probation department that Etcitty see jail time, the judge said.

“I think it’s best for you to have a chance to succeed on probation,” Lawrence said.

Etcitty had been in jail for 87 days.

Phillip Diggs was issued a 12-month deferred judgment in connection with a driving under the influence case. He will be required to complete education and therapy tracks as well as 24 hours of public service.


Dec 17, 2016
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