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Thanks from the CMS band

The Cortez Middle School Band would like to sincerely thank the many people who have generously donated instruments to our group. We are so grateful for the following people who have donated instruments to the band this year: Ressa Mullen, Mary Ann Keesee, Cindy Durall, Rocky Mountain One Stop, Mary Schultz, Jamie Daves, Rita Pulcher, Kristy Aiken, Jim Price, Mary Lou Asbury, Jennifer Bullock, Clair Smith, Eric Stramel, Ty Keel, Hannah Lowry and Bob Waggoner.

These instruments will help many students participate in band who might otherwise be unable to play in band due to financial constraints. Donations of used instruments are still being accepted at the middle school. Thank you so much from all of the band students at CMS! Please come to our spring concert here at CMS on Tuesday May 14 to see how we are putting these instruments to good use!

Andrew Campo