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Thank you Southwest Memorial Hospital

My wife and I have lived in the Four Corners region for a year. We love the people, town environment, and, of course, beautiful outdoors. Up to now, we have had little contact with the hospital. Until this week.

I was a patient for six days. I had a chance to interact with every facet of the operations of the hospital. I have had few hospitalizations but I feel I have a decent patient's view of what is good care. So how did Southwest Memorial compare to previous experiences? A++. Note some of my reasons below.

The nursing staff was, to a person, professional, well-trained, medically well-informed, compassionate, thoughtful, and patient. I can honestly say that the 40-plus nurses that cared for me at Southwest Memorial possessed the above qualities. This includes the ER nurses as well.

The physicians, especially Dr. Carelock, Dr. Thompson, Dr. Tarpey, and Dr. Mojzis all took direct personal interest and care in my case.

The nurse's assistants, lab staff were attentive and kind in their care. The cafeteria food was good. The cafeteria director personally came to each patient's room to take their meal orders. Truly dedicated staff.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the house cleaning staff. They were kind, dedicated, and attentive to detail.

Not all of you share in my opinion, but this was my experience. I encountered stellar nursing staff, phenomenal physicians, hardworking support staff. The Four Corners region should be mighty grateful for Southwest Memorial Hospital.

– Edward L. Miller