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Thank you from Absmeier Trucking

A cattle car overturned Sept. 24 on the Dolores-Norwood Road north of Dolores. At least 10 cattle were killed. About 70 cattle were being transported from high pastures to a feedlot in Sterling.

On Sept. 24, we were heading down the mountain in cattle trucks, 13 miles above Dolores.

In meeting a few cars, we moved over, my front truck/trailer caved off the shoulder taking the trailer and truck over. I would have rather been driving than have been in the second truck watching it go over in slow motion.

It was an awful afternoon, but it could have been much worse.

The driver was not hurt and more cattle would have been hurt or died had it not been for the help of everyone who was involved: Lloyd Shumway, Tiffany, Carson, Hopkins, Guy, Joe Stevenson, Parks and Wildlife officer, tools from hunters, passersby, vehicle, chains, hacksaws (to cut the trailer open and release the cattle), traffic control, CSP, Forest Service, fire department and the sheriff’s agency.

Again, it is people like all of you who helped that saved many of the cattle. If I have forgotten someone, I apologize, but thank you.

Last, I want to thank Bo Dean’s Towing. Paul and his crew did an amazing job getting the truck and trailer off the mountain into Cortez. Thanks, Dennis.

Adrian Absmeier,

Absmeier Trucking, Alamosa

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