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Support the school superintendent

There are folks very vocal about removing the superintendent and blame her for closing the schools.

These people should stop pointing their fingers at her and look in the mirror. It is the school board that made masks a nonrequirement and those anti-vaccination and anti-masks folks who bear the blame. The superintendent is trying to protect the students, families and our community. It is the anti-vaccation and anti-mask folks who are overloading our health care system, slowing our economy and are a danger to our community.

Some school board members say masks don’t work. I would like to know where they get their information and do they have degrees in medicine or science? Are they smarter than the vast majority of doctors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and scientists who say masks and vaccines work and are safe? Fox News is not a credible resource.

The superintendent has a very hard job in this era of pandemic, and the community and school board should be supporting her and watching her back.

Larry Berger